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When You See The Lord | Isaiah 6:1-8
E01 October 09 2022 · 32 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
As we begin our vision series looking at Isaiah's encounter with God, an encounter which propels Isaiah into his prophetic ministry. We first see that God met with Isaiah in the year of King Uzziah's death. In this weeks message, we examine our need for an encounter and how God often uses a severe mercy to remind us of our need of Him.
Holy holy holy | Isaiah 6:1-8
E02 October 16 2022 · 37 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
One of the primary themes of Isaiah's encounter with God is that Isaiah is meeting with the God who is holy, holy, holy. But why this repetition? In today's episode we focus in on what holiness truly means, what an encounter with a Holy God feels like, and how indeed it is possible.
Where You See the Lord | Isaiah 6:1-8
E03 October 25 2022 · 33 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
In Isaiah's vision, the place where he encounters God is in the Temple. The temple is the meeting place of heaven and earth. Once represented by a physical building and location in Jerusalem. It is now represented by Christ Himself, and the physical gathering of His church. Today we explore the purpose of our gathering regularly as a church.
Here Am I, Send Me | Isaiah 6:1-8
E04 November 2 2022 · 29 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
After Isaiah has encounters God’s glory and grace. He responds in the only logical way: complete surrender. The giving his whole life over to God’s mission. What’s more, the main way God will use Isaiah is in the ways Isaiah was most aware of his weakness and sinfulness (vv6-7, his mouth, speaking). God’s mission through us is always a reflection of his grace at work in us.

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