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The Whole Gospel for Your Whole Life

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What is Gotham London?

Gotham London is a ten-month learning community designed to help you understand and apply the whole gospel to your whole life. Since most people spend most of their time working, this programme pays special attention to how the message of the gospel impacts and transforms the work you do. Instead of engaging their faith only on Sunday mornings, those in Gotham develop a framework for applying Christ to their heart, community, vocation, and world every day of the week.

Originally developed in New York City, the Gotham programme serves as Reality Church London’s capstone discipleship offering by integrating theological training, personal spiritual practices, and community formation.

Gotham London Vision

By joining Gotham London, you’ll build friendship and community with others at Reality Church London, from diverse personal and professional backgrounds. Together you’ll learn to apply the richness of biblical theology to your personal walk with God, your relationships, your work, and the city.

What to Expect

Schedule & Commitment

Gotham London will begin its next cohort in January 2023.  There are three components to the Gotham discipleship year: weekly Sunday cohort meetings, every-other-month Saturday sessions, and one weekend away.

Participants will be expected to read through assigned theological texts in between these meetings across the ten months. During the Gotham year there are two breaks from the weekly cohort meetings. The first is after Easter, and the second is during the summer months.

Teachers and Partners

In addition to receiving teaching from RCL’s lead pastor, guest teachers for Gotham London include: Daniel Strange (Director of Crosslands Forum), Pamela Brown-Peterside (Director of All Souls Serves the City), Paul Williams (Chief Executive of The Bible Society), Abraham Cho (Training Director at Redeemer City to City) and Andrew Haslam (Lead Pastor of Grace London).

In Partnership

Reality Church London is pleased to have Gotham London as our capstone discipleship offering in partnership with Grace London, and with the support of The London Project.
London Project

Cost & Application

Applications will open in September 2022 for the January 2023 cohort. If you are interested in applying for Gotham London, let us know via the form below and you’ll receive a reminder when applications are live.
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