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What is Gotham London?

Gotham London is a ten-month learning community designed to help you understand and apply the fullness of God’s story to every part of your life. Originally developed in New York City, the Gotham programme serves as Reality Church London’s capstone discipleship offering, integrating theological training, personal spiritual practices, and community formation, with specific application on how faith impacts and transforms the work we do.
Next cohort starts:

Sunday 09 January 2022

Run's over ten months, January 2022 to October 2022

Gotham London Vision

By joining Gotham London, you’ll build friendship and community with others at Reality Church London, from diverse personal and professional backgrounds. Together you’ll learn to apply the richness of biblical theology to your personal walk with God, your relationships, your work, and the city.

What to Expect

Schedule & Commitment

Gotham London begins the first cohort in January 2022.  There are three components to the Gotham discipleship year, meeting weekly, monthly and one weekend away detailed below.

Participants will be expected to watch video teaching and read through relevant theological material in between thoese meetings across the ten months.

Cadance of meeting

Each week we will gather as a Sunday cohort, meeting in-person at Central Foundation Boys’ School alongside Reality’s Sunday service.

Over the ten months there will be a handful of longer Saturday sessions, combining teaching, community building, and practical exercises aimed at applying theology to life in the city.

The Weekend Away

Alongside the weekly and monthly cadance of meeting, there will additionaly be one weekend away during summer 2022, the exact date TBC. This time will be focused on practices of rest, community building, and spiritual renewal.

Reality is pleased to offer Gotham London with the support of The London Project.
London Project

Cost & Application

The cost to participate in Gotham London is £300 and can be paid up-front or in instalments throughout the year. In addition, there are a few books that participants will be expected to obtain at their own cost.

If you are interested in applying for Gotham London, you can do so below. If you have any questions , you’ll be able to ask them in the application or reach out to the church staff.
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