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Loved | John 13:1
E01 August 28 2022 · 24 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
This week we begin a short sermon series looking at the centrality and importance of community for the church. In this first address, Pastor Bijan reminds us that the foundation of Christian community is knowing that we are loved with the unending love of Jesus. "Having loved them to the end"
Service | John 13:2-17
E02 September 4 2022 · 36 min
by Girma Bishaw
Jesus' washing his disciples feet would have shocked them, this was a task usually reserved for the lowliest of servants. But here the king of the universe knelt and served. Today, Pastor Girma explore's how the christian life must be marked by humility and service to one another.
Witness | John 13:34-35
E03 September 11 2022 · 33 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
Jesus, on the night of his betrayal, spends a significant amount of time teaching his disciples about God's great love for us. One of the consequences of knowing God's great love is that we are commanded to deeply love one another too, and by being a community marked by love, we become a communal testimony to the very love of God. Join us as we explore the power, beauty, and importance of this great command.
Life Together, Forever | John 14:1-6
E04 September 18 2022 · 28 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
In a moment of deep anxiety for his disciples, Jesus encourages his friends by reminding them that the work of his crucifixion brings with it a promise, and hope springing out of this promise. A promise that we have an eternal home, where we will dwell with each other, and our God forever.

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