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Led By The Spirit | Romans 8:14-17
June 04 2023 · 34 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
The Spirit helps Christians experience their adoption. The doctrine of adoption means we are members of God’s family, his sons and daughters. What the Spirit does is take that objective reality and help us experience in subjective ways. Knowing by experience that we are God’s children gives us courage to face anything.
Suffering and Glory | Romans 8:18-27
June 11 2023 · 32 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
Paul never minimises the sufferings Christians experience, but he does say that those sufferings pale in comparison to the coming glory. So, Christians are those who wait with hope. Waiting is hard (waiting rooms are the worst places in the world to be), but having hope in the waiting changes everything. As we wait in hope, we rest in the reality that the Spirit is interceding for us, pleading to the Father on our behalf (v27).
All Things for Good | Romans 8:28-30
June 18 2023 · 25 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
Our passage today does not say everything that happens is good. It says that God works all things for good for his people, culminating in their glorification — safe with him in his kingdom forever as their truest selves. To know deep down that God is working all things for good provides hope and peace even as we walk through the fiercest storms.
God Is For Us | Romans 8:31-39
June 25 2023 · 27 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
The love of Jesus for his people is so certain, so secure, so strong, that nothing in all the cosmos can threaten it. To be infallibly loved by an infinitely good saviour? There’s nothing more we could need.

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