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Heart | 1 Sam 16:1-13
E01 July 03, 2022 · 30 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
In a city and world that is so visual, so taken by externals, this passage—the first mention of David—reminds us that what matters most is the condition and posture of our hearts.
Courage | 1 Sam 17:32-53
E02 July 10, 2022 · 34 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
In this sermon Pastor Bijan unpacks the source of courage in David's fight against Goliath. Reminding us that true courage in the face of adversity cannot be found in ourselves but is found in Christ alone, our true and better David.
Faithful Friendship | 1 Samuel 18, 20 & 23
E03 July 17, 2022 · 27 min
by Girma Bishaw
In this sermon Pastor Girma explores the lessons we can learn from the beautiful and powerful friendship of David & Jonathan. And how Jesus, our Great Friend, through the gospel, calls God’s people to be covenantally committed to each other. Looking to 1 Samuel 18:1-4, 20:40-42 & 23:15-18.
Mercy | 1 Samuel 26:1-25
E04 July 31 2022 · 36 min
by Bijan Mirtolooi
Whilst being hunted, David has a chance to take vengeance against Saul but he doesn’t; instead, David confronts Saul with compassion and mercy. This sermon explores how David was able to show Saul such a radical mercy, through confidence in God's plan and knowledge of his own need of mercy.
Fountain of Delight | Psalm 16
E05 August 7 2022 · 37 min
by David Plant
Contentment is a true jewel for those following after God hearts. As David expresses here in Psalm 16, it flows from delighting and knowing the God who delights and knows us. This morning Pastor David Plant explores what this means for the Christian life today.
Seeking God | Psalm 63
E06 August 14 2022 · 31 min
by Rashad Clemons
During a time of great physical need, David recognises his ultimate need of God. It is in the desert place where David records this psalm of hope and praise. Join us as Pastor Rashad Clemons explore's where David's strength to worship lies.
Confession | Psalm 32
E07 August 21 2022 · 37 min
by George Style
Guilt is something we all experience, and in Psalm 32 we see David reckoning with the sin behind his guilt. Yet, how does David respond? Today, George explores how David expresses true sorrow and repentance for his sin, and also true joy in coming to the God who saves.

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